Security Officers Basic Job Training Course


The Roles and The Responsibilities of Today’s Security Officer

The roles and responsibilities of today’s Security Officer have increased in recent years, Companies have become much more cost conscious and therefore more aware of their requirements to prevent losses/wastage.

Many companies realise this and employ Security Officers in order to prevent and detect losses by theft, prevent water damage, fire damage, and vandalism, they can prevent wastage, and control access i.e. visitors, contractors, workforce etc into the Clients premises.

The Security Officer therefore has become an integral part of the management of a site. They are in a position of both authority and responsibility.

The days of the night watchman are now gone, modern day Security Officers are people who know and understand their responsibilities and diligently apply their sense of sight, hearing and suspicion in order to ensure that property and people are adequately protected.

The Security Officer of today can play an important determining role in the successful operations of any business, corporate or manufacturing, retail or financial. No matter what the industry or assignment the Security Officer, through their positive training and their expertise are capable of adapting themselves to many varying security related duties, from co-ordinating a busy reception area to manning and monitoring a distribution company’s gatehouse or CCTV system.  

The Modern Day Security Officer therefore needs to be trained accordingly to become capable and efficient in carrying out his / her responsibilities in a professional and proactive manner

This Training Course is an informative vocational course which gives the candidate a basic training in Static Guarding & Patrolling and will enable the candidate to progress further within the manned Guarding Industry. 

The Course consists of the following modules:

·The Roles and Responsibilities of a Security Officer · Basic Civil & Criminal Law

· Report Writing · Fire Precautions & Procedures · Emergency Procedures

·Patrolling Techniques · Search Procedures & Techniques · Communication

· Health & Safety · Customer Care · Radio Procedures & Skills

Course Duration

This training course requires 24 hours of  training over a 3 day period and complies with BS 7499 

Assessment Criteria

Assessment of each student will take place throughout the three day course in terms of a Personal Profile, Written Assessment Paper and Overall Course Assessment. Each student will take a final written assessment paper on day three

Individual course assessment results and the final written assessment paper results will be given to each student and or sponsor on completion of the course (by post within seven days)

Grade Criteria

Written Assessment Paper  + overall course assesssment

Distinguished Pass     =             Over 85%                Superior Pass             =             66 - 84%

Pass                            =             50 - 65%                   Fail (Re-sit)                =             0 - 49%


On successful completion of the above course the Security Officer is presented with a Certificate of Achievement: 

Basic Job Training: Static Guarding & Patrol Officers  

This course is endorsed and certificated by The Security Industry Training Organisation

SITO is The Government approved National Training Organisation for The Security Industry

Beneficial Candidates

Companies with an "In House" Security or Customer Services Dept.

Manned Guarding Companies in compliance with BS 7499

Individuals with little or no underpinning knowledge of  The Manned Guarding Section of The Security Industry who require training

Class Size: 2 - 6 Students

Cost : Dependant on Class size: Price on Application


All of our Instructors have a minimum of  five years continuous employment as operational Security Officers. 

Their underpinning knowledge of the subjects they teach are very apparent in their delivery, they teach from their own experience and not just " ad-hoc" from a training manual. 

This in our opinion gives the student a far better insight into the subjects being taught , more importantly it gives the inductee a much better perspective into the roles and responsibilities of a Security Officer by being taught by a tutor who has actually worked as an operational Security Officer.

If you require a more practical  professional approach to your security training requirements delivered by trainers who are occupationally experienced  in the subjects they teach and deliver then contact  Apex Training Services on -: