Instructors & Tutors

Our own instructors have also been trained to a high standard and all have successfully achieved and passed Parts 1 & 2  NVQ 3 Trainers Course and are certificated by The Security Industry Training Organisation, SITO being a Government approved National Training Organisation gives their qualifications as trainers nationally recognised accreditation

Their under-pinning knowledge on the subjects they teach are based on their own personal occupational experiences of those subjects, that is to say that all of our tutors have a least 5 years work experience in the particular field or subject in which they are teaching and delivering  to their students

As a training organisation we feel that in today's training environment there are many excellent and capable tutors who are delivering course subjects purely from a theoretical stance, having neither the occupational or practical experience of the subjects they are teaching. Although theory plays an important role in the vocational training of individuals the practical Experience and occupational background of the tutor delivering the subject is of a paramount importance to the student as they can draw upon the experience of the tutor during their tuition, the tutor in turn draws upon his experiences to make a far better delivery of the subject matter, gaining not only the students attention but his / her respect in the knowledge that they are being taught by a tutor who knows what he / she is talking about and is not deliberating "ad-hoc" from a training manual. 

If you require a more practical  professional approach to your security training requirements delivered by trainers who are occupationally experienced  in the subjects they teach and deliver then contact 

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